Police departments all over Minnesota continue to learn of vehicle thefts of catalytic converters, which are made of precious metals and can be sold to dealers for $250 to $500 each. Unfortunately, they’re quick to steal and have no serial numbers or identifying markings, which make them almost untraceable. To prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen, day or night, the Eagan Police Department recommends taking these precautions: 

  • Park in a garage whenever possible.
  • If parking outside, park in well-lit areas close to building entrances.
  • Mark your catalytic converter with high-temperature paint.
    • By adding bright paint, you create a visible deterrent to thieves. This marking also helps police in identifying a stolen catalytic converter.
  • Install a catalytic converter protection device.
  • Watch for suspicious activity around parked vehicles. 
  • Listen for the distinct sound of grinding metal.  
  • Report suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.

Visit our Crime Prevention page to learn more safety tips.