Mayor, City leaders, and fun-seekers cut ribbon on Eagan’s newest park, which is aimed at being accessible to all abilities. 

Eagan’s newest park redevelopment (1950 Gold Trail) officially re-opened on Tuesday, June 15 when Mayor Mike Maguire, joined by City Council, City leaders, and Parks & Recreation staff host the Grand Opening of the new inclusive play space Destination All-Play at Woodhaven Park. 

At Destination All-Play, fun-seekers can get around on the accessible rubber trails, play Bankshot basketball, swing, slide, and even strike a chord. There is something for all abilities, interests, and senses at Destination All-Play. Everything is accessible from the parking lot, to the pavilion and restrooms, to the play space. 

Officials cut a ribbon to re-open the park which now includes a sensory-rich, accessible, all-inclusive, playground, and Bankshot basketball court. Families from across the region joined to explore and enjoy this special park space, with unique, colorful equipment designed to accommodate everyone, regardless of their abilities.

The City of Eagan is committed to building an inclusive community and a great place to live for its next generation. Accessible playgrounds allow every kid, of all abilities, to learn and play in a variety of ways through specialized play equipment.

Mayor Mike Maguire opened the event by sharing, “We are continually working to make Eagan a great place to live, work, and play. Well, today is about play!”

He continued, “We know that inclusive playgrounds teach life lessons like understanding, cooperation, empathy, and leadership to children of all abilities. We worked together with community members, organizations, and playground designers to build what we believe is one of the biggest, most inclusive play spaces in the state.”

The mayor closed by saying, “What makes Eagan such a successful city, and strong community is that we invest and partner with our community, both residents and businesses, to make sure we have all the ingredients to make Eagan a great place to live – including working, living, and playing in our community.”

In the last year, Eagan’s parks have become more essential than ever. In fact, Eagan residents shared that 97% of residents visited Eagan’s parks in 2020.

In 2016, through a master planning process, the Parks and Recreation team identified the need for play spaces for all users. Through planning, dedication, innovation, and collaboration our Parks and Recreation team was able to build this beautiful and inclusive play space.

Eagan’s Parks and Recreation Director, Andrew Pimental shared, “Children learn through play, so we are providing new and engaging ways for all of our children to do just that – experience the benefits of play.” 

Pimental continued, “Accessible play spaces allow everyone, young and old, and all abilities, to play on a variety of play equipment, and invites everyone - friends, parents, and caregivers to join the fun!” 

Pimental finished with, “Our team knows how much our community values our parks and green spaces, and as a staff we reflect those values, and work to bring them to life. We care about what we do, and work with our community. And that’s how and why our 99 percent of community rated our parks positively, and are top-rated nationally.”

“We have a culture of inclusion and accessibility. It starts from the City Council, continues with our Parks Commission, and I’m proud of how our staff team can take that vision, enhance it and execute to create the world-class park system, and play spaces that you see today. So thank, you Mr. Mayor and Council and Parks Commission for your vision and allowing us to make this amazing play space a reality.” 

About Eagan’s Park and Recreation and Natural Environment and Spaces:

Eagan residents rate our natural environment and park and recreation opportunities in their top five priorities for the City.

By the Numbers:

In a 2020 National Community Survey, Eagan residents ranked Eagan above national benchmarks in the following community characteristics (percent of residents that rated the characteristic excellent or good):

  • Overall quality of life: 98
  • As a place to live: 98
  • Quality of natural environment: 97
  • Quality of parks and recreation opportunities: 96*
  • Health and wellness opportunities: 97
  • Parks: 99

*Eagan was the top-rated community by their residents nationally in that category