Returning and new public access volunteers will be welcomed at E-TV during specified times at the main entrance of the Thomson Reuters main building (building D), which is located at 610 Opperman Drive in eastern Eagan, just off Highway 149.  Visitor parking is on the north end of the building.

Checking in

  • Go into the main lobby’s reception desk to sign in and get a Guest Pass.  You must show a valid government-issued photo ID when signing in, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc. whenever possible.  Other forms of ID (work ID, student ID, etc.) can be accepted as an alternative, but only when a government-issued ID is not available and then only if a Thomson Reuters or ETV employee can vouch for you, in person.
  • Ask the desk person to call ETV staff member to escort you.  Wait in the lobby until he or she arrives.
  • All visitors must wear their Guest Pass at all times while in Thomson Reuters.  Those not displaying an appropriate pass will be stopped, questioned and required to produce and display their Guest Pass—or they will be escorted to the security station and treated as a new visitor. 
  •  Should visitors need to leave the building for any reason, and expect to return, they should turn in their pass and follow the standard sign-in procedures again upon returning.

Preregistered visitors

Pre-registration will help a large group of people get to the studio efficiently.  This might happen in situations such as a training session, or crews coming in for a studio shoot. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.about pre-registration at (651) 848-4698.


Smoking is prohibited in all Thomson Reuters facilities. Guests violating this policy will be escorted from the building and visitor privileges revoked.  We also ask you to keep track of personal property such as coats, purses and briefcases while on the corporate campus.  Neither Thomson Reuters nor E-TV accepts responsibility for lost or stolen property and we do not make reimbursements.  Keep valuables out of sight, and whenever you are away from your work area, please take your valuables with you.

The E-TV staff members look forward to working with you in the new and improved facility!

With the improved studio, cameras and editing equipment, community cable volunteers will be able to bring a new level of visual quality to local programming. E-TV also will partner with Eagan High School to give students real-world TV experience in the new facility.