Summer field and lake, "sustainable Eagan"


Year after year, our community survey reaffirms the high value our residents place on Eagan’s natural environment. Now, with dedicated resources supporting our sustainability initiative, the City has started to roll out tangible steps aimed at helping future generations enjoy the same high-quality, natural environment we enjoy today.


Our newest offering is the Sustainable Eagan Academy, which holds monthly community-led sessions from January through May. Suggested by community members, topics include waste reduction, tree and plant preservation, green yard resources, and water quality and conservation.


The academy’s first sessions, which began earlier this year, attracted residents of all ages and proved so popular that some reached maximum capacity.

“Eagan residents are hungry for information and want to make a positive impact on their homes, neighborhoods, and community,” says Gillian Catano, who became Eagan’s first sustainability coordinator last June. “That’s why we’re looking to amplify these efforts and options.”

Sara Patrick, a member of the Sustainable Eagan Advisory Commission (SEAC), says the academy is about more than education. “The academy offers a forum,” she says, “bringing people together to make deeper connections with others and to raise awareness of what the City of Eagan offers residents.” 

It was SEAC that dreamt up the academy, which is supported by City staff. “I’m so thrilled to be involved from the beginning with an initiative that has so much community interest and support,” Catano says. “This program empowers residents with information and resources to participate in sustainability efforts.”


The initiative’s next focus is creating a climate action plan. Working in conjunction with the City and community, a consultant will write the plan over the next year; the final plan will outline how residents, businesses, and the City can adapt to changing environmental conditions and reduce impacts.


Community engagement will be key in creating the climate action plan, and residents will be able to get involved through both in-person events and digital surveys. Several seats remain open for the April 23 and May 28 sessions of the Sustainable Eagan Academy. Register at Learn more about our sustainability initiative at

A group of smiling people -- the city's sustainability coordinator at the Sustainable Eagan Academy
Gillian Catano (left), Eagan’s sustainability coordinator, welcomed members of the Green Team from the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley. High school students have attended each session of the Sustainable Eagan Academy. “The School of Environmental Studies students have been invigorated by SES alumni Gillian Catano’s work on sustainability in the local community,” Club advisor Kim Colburn-Lindell says. “We’re excited to engage in the Sustainable Eagan Academy’s work and share it with our high school campus.”