Do you have a surveillance camera at your home or business?  If so, the Eagan Police Department would like to work together to help keep our neighborhoods safe.

How SafeCam works

  • Community members voluntarily share camera locations and footage and police create a list of these
  • If a crime is committed, police use this list to reach out to people in the area who would be willing to share their camera footage
  • Those community members can review their own footage and choose to share it with police

What to know

  • The police department never has direct access to community members' cameras or footage
  • Camera owners who have registered for the list can always choose to share  -  or not share  -  their video
  • Personal information is confidential and will not be distributed except as required by law or court order

How to help

You can register your camera using the link below.  Your camera footage could help solve a crime.

SafeCam Registration Form