Did You Know?

Plants have specific needs, such as light conditions and soil moisture. Plants may also be affected by soil type and compaction, temperature extremes, and soil nutrients and contaminants. Your plants will thrive when matched to their preferred growing conditions.

Picture of Butterfly Milkweed

How to pick the right plant for the right place

  • Identify plants' needs in each area of your yard—it may vary greatly (i.e., light, moisture, soils, etc.)
  • Find plants that grow well together—search for “companion plants”
  • Select plants with deep rooting capability (versus very shallow turfgrass)
  • Mulch around plants to keep soil moist, provide nutrients, and prevent weeds
  • Spread 2-3” of shredded hardwood mulch, woodchips, well-aged compost, shredded leaves, etc. over plant roots (one cubic yard covers around 150 square feet)
  • Buying mulch in bulk is typically less expensive than in bags 

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