Nearly 50 years after its completion, the park building at Rahn Park has received a remodel. Plus, the park’s sports courts were renovated and expanded, and an existing asphalt hockey rink was converted into a summer parking lot, preventing the removal of green space and park amenities.

These park updates are typical for the City of Eagan, which aims to keep parks up to date and redeveloped when needed. Many Eagan parks were built in the 1970s and need updates.

“At Rahn Park we were able to use the shell of the existing building and build a new envelope around that to minimize construction waste,” says Chris Fleck, Eagan’s park superintendent. The improved building features better heating and cooling systems, too, which save energy.

Additionally, a new storm drain and basin manage runoff from the asphalt sport courts—a sustainability-oriented project feature. Better ADA access and trail connectivity are two final improvements, funded by a $130,000 Minnesota DNR grant.

Youth hockey players play on a rink in Eagan at night
Photo credit: Robert Braun

Eagan's first outdoor refrigerated ice rink

Long before snow began piling up this winter, outdoor skaters were enjoying Goat Hill Park, thanks to a new outdoor refrigerated ice rink, and the public-private partnership between the City of Eagan and the Eagan Hockey Association (EHA). “This is a great community project,” says Andrew Pimental, Eagan’s director of parks and recreation. “Partnering with EHA was a great opportunity, and we’re really excited to have been able to create this wonderful outdoor winter destination.” EHA provided $1.3 million to cover the project’s first phase.  

Through community engagement, City staff members had learned from hundreds of residents that there was a strong desire to update this park. Besides increased access to outdoor skating in the winter, this project aims to create a year-round community space.

Phase one included rink installation, a refrigeration system, and site enhancements for the 2022–2023 winter season. The concrete rink and chiller system were installed in 2022, providing access to outdoor skating as early as November and as late as March. The energy-efficient design of the chiller allows it to run only when necessary to support the ice.

The plan’s second phase will include building a pavilion to create a shaded area for year-round community activities. The cover will also help control light and noise. Other possible updates include improvements to the park shelter building/warming house.

More winter recreation opportunities

Lace up your skates at nine outdoor locations with a total of 19 rinks across Eagan, including hockey rinks and pleasure rinks. Find locations and more at