Did you know?

A typical Eagan house roof sheds 1,700 gallons of water during a 1" rainstorm from May through October. This means that there are potentially 36,482 gallons of rainwater could be harvested and reused for your lawn or plants in one year.

Map of Typical House Runoff water on rooftop

Rain Barrels

Picture of rain barrels

Using rain barrels to harvest rainwater lowers impacts to our lakes and wetlands by reducing stormwater entering the drainage system. 

  • Use the rain barrel water to nourish plants during dry spells or release it gradually to your lawn.
  • It is better to drain rain barrels regularly to eliminate stagnation and for future capacity.
  • You should not drink roof water or use it on edible plants.
  • A ‘downspout diverter’ helps capture water easily.
  • Barrels should be sealed or have fine screens to block mosquitoes.

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