Eagan’s robust public art program features large installations, art benches, community art and art on loan. With an inventory of over 30 artworks, you’ll find something that delights all around town.

Image of a bench made with stained glass Iron sculpture in a grassy field Stained glass sun

HeART of Eagan

The HeART of Eagan is the City of Eagan’s art on loan program. Artists apply to have their artwork on display for two years. The HeART of Eagan strives to create a sense of place and engagement on the Art Block, in the heart of Eagan, and centered on the City Hall Campus. In 2024, five new artworks will be placed in and around the municipal campus. Locations of artwork include: Eagan Civic Arena, Eagan City Hall, Civic Center Park, Cascade Bay and Wescott Library. The pieces below are selected to be on display starting June 2024 – May 2026. Public comment will be open until March 26, 2024.

2024 Public Art

"Fanflare" - Gail Katz-Jame

Picture of the sculpture in a grassy field.

Fanfare explores the intersection of solid and patterned forms, projected on a translucent screen.

"Tension" - Jamie Weinfurter

Sculpture on display outside of public building

The sculpture is made of solid steel chains that have been welded together to hold its shape. A pair of cast bronze hands are also welded in place at each end of the sculpture. One hand gestures in the air as a symbol of holding on, while the other resembles a fist, letting go and moving on (and making an interactive space for fist-bumps). A foundry hook is securely tied down in the middle of the sculpture and welded in place inside the inner square form.

"Tell Me We Are Going To Be Fine" - Jon Kamrath

Black, wooden sculptures in a studio

"In my work I take inspiration from the surrounding environment, and use organic lines to visually reference different animals, plant life and more, then express these features in a uniquely stylized manner. My sculptures often contrast dark, distressed steel components with bright, clean aluminum panels featuring a custom ground surface rich with visual energy and movement. The organic feel of the cold forged steel juxtaposed with the aluminum creates a striking visual, constantly changing and evolving with the position of the sun or the viewer. I especially enjoy making sculptures fully interesting in the round, creating dynamic compositions that inspire the onlooker to travel around and experience the piece from every point of view."

"3 Amigos" - Judd Nelson

Sculpture of three stork-like birds standing together

"I love Egrets, they are beautiful birds so tall and majestic. Made of forged 16ga steel that is welded together for a super strong sculpture. The egret beaks are created out of copper which will take on a beautiful patina."

"Where the Wind Blows" - Ryan and Jim Pedersen

Metal sculpture, shown from both sides

Sculptors James and Ryan Pedersen are a father/son collaborative team who create welded constructions in relief and free standing form. The combinations of steel, brass, and copper are used in most designs. The earthy colors and textures are achieved through welding, cutting, grinding and heat-treating these materials. The finished artwork illustrates their combined passion for the outdoor environment as an artistic selection of these elements with a stylized approach that is related to various interpretations of the modern landscape. Inspired by watching the delicate movements of the snow dance across the frozen lake in the winter winds. Materials: Welded Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, and Brass.