Eagan’s robust public art program features large installations, art benches, community art and art on loan. With an inventory of over 30 artworks, you’ll find something that delights all around town.

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2023 Proposed Public Art

Be a part of the process and give your input on the public art projects in Eagan for 2023. Look forward to new major installation at Norse Park, and a new piece at the Municipal Complex as part of the HeART of Eagan art on loan program and a new installation at Bridle Ridge park.

Take a moment to let us know what you think and learn more about each proposal in the comment box below.

Norse Park

Little Daisies scuplture

Artist – Justin Peters

Sculpture – Little Daisies

Description - Little daises, consists of 3 boat or leaf like forms and 3 origami daisy heads spinning in the wind. The boat forms represent the journey to restore the natural wild flowers, and the daisy heads represent Freya the Norse goddess of love and new beginnings. The sculpture is fabricated from mild steel using pillow block bearings to allow the top of the sculpture to spin in the wind. Base width 4’, length 5’ highest point 9’.


HeART of Eagan

Ice Flow sculpture

Artist – Judd Nelson

Sculpture – Ice Flow

Location – Civic Center Park

Description – Figure skaters have such beautiful flowing movements that it is easy to be memorized by these movements. This young lady is going into a backward spin and at the same time is grabbing her skate blade and pulling her foot above her head demonstrating amazing athleticism. Sculpture is made of hot forged steel. Total height is almost 7’.


Bridle Ridge Park

Star sculpture

Artist – Dale Lewis

Commissioned piece of art donated by an Eagan family to commemorate the loss of two sons. The sculpture is made of rebar and stainless steel.


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