Building Addressing

Eagan Ordinance Sec. 2.78 requires that the owner or occupant of any building fronting upon any street shall place and maintain on the front of the building the property building number assigned by the City. 

Building Type

Address Size Specifications

Residential/Single Family

4 inches

1 Story Commercial/Industrial

12 inches

2 Story Commercial/Industrial

18 inches

3+ Story Commercial/Industrial

24 inches


  1. The building number shall be conspicuously posted in a location on the front of the building so as to be readily identifiable for all purposes.
  2. The building number shall be placed in the upper corner of the building, if possible, so as to be clearly seen from the street, or at or near the building entrance in such a suitable location that it can be clearly seen from the street.
  3. The building number shall be clearly displayed, of a color in contrast with the color of the building to which it is attached, in such a manner that the number may be easily and clearly seen and read during the hours of darkness as well as daylight.
  4. On multi-tenant commercial structures, rear entry access doors must display with a minimum 3 inch letter and number, the tenant business name and unit number, address of the commercial space, and indicate access doors to mechanical, electrical or sprinkler rooms.

For additional information, please call the Eagan Fire Department at (651) 675-5900.