Batteries are hot right now — and not in a good way. Batteries, mostly lithium-ion, are causing daily fires at waste and recycling facilities across the U.S. When your batteries, cell phones, or other battery-powered gadgets are dead, don’t toss them in your trash or recycling. 

Bring all types of batteries and electronic devices to The Recycling Zone, which is partially funded by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Dakota County. Before you do, however, tape both ends of each battery with any kind of tape; this prevents short-circuiting and a possible fire if a battery end touches another battery or metal object. Then place these items in a container, such as a cardboard box, that can be left at The Recycling Zone. Finally, stay in your vehicle while dropping it off and let staff unload your trunk or back seat for you. 

Other items accepted at The Recycling Zone include: 

  • Automotive products like motor oil and gas
  • Computers, TVs and other electronics
  • Paints and stains 
  • Household cleaners 
  • Yard and garden chemicals 

The Recycling Zone, located in Eagan at 3365 Dodd Road, is open all year long, four days a week. For a complete list of accepted items and drop-off hours, visit and search Recycling Zone.