We are planning our future fun, connections, and spaces, so we all can thrive.

Eagan residents love their parks and recreation opportunities. Nearly nine in 10 residents rate our parks a priority, and we work to reflect that community value. Our community boasts an extensive parks system with 60 parks and wide-ranging facilities and amenities, including trails, a water park, a splash pad, an ice arena, outdoor rinks, a community center, pavilions, accessible spaces, neighborhood play areas, and more.

Keeping Parks Current and Inclusive

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve re-envisioned and built many of the city’s parks and public spaces to meet the needs of our growing and diversifying community,” says Andrew Pimental, Eagan’s director of Parks & Recreation.

Besides the amenities mentioned above, Parks & Rec has focused on building pickleball courts to cater to local fans of America’s fastest-growing sport, adding inclusion spaces like Nature Play at Patrick Eagan Park and Destination All-Play at Woodhaven Park, and updating historical sites like Holz Farm to serve as learning venues for future generations.

“The City of Eagan is committed to making sure parks and recreation are available for all ages, interests, and abilities and we’re always planning for our future,” Pimental says. “In 2019, we began studying how our parks 
and recreation facilities will need to evolve to serve you, your neighbors, and our future.”

Next Steps for Three Key Spaces

That 2019 study found that our current facilities are aging and need updates, so in the coming years the City is planning to invest in the following parks and recreation facilities: 

Eagan Art House is our community place to create and connect. “This 1950s rambler-style building has been open since 1997 and hosts over 6,000 guests a year,” says Tanya Mozingo, Eagan’s recreation program manager. “The current building has served the community well, but maintaining it is no longer sustainable. It’s time to create a new, accessible space for our thousands of users.”

Eagan Community Center is our community hub for connection. Hundreds of community members visit the ECC every day for exercise classes, bingo, pickleball, gatherings, meetings, and more. It’s also where our community comes together for events, meetings, and activities. “Recreation needs shift over time, and we’ve seen many changes since the ECC was built in 2003,” says Jared Flewellen, Eagan’s assistant parks & recreation director. “We’re looking at how to adjust programs and amenities to serve everyone even better at the ECC.

Goat Hill Park is a winter play destination for skating, hockey, and more. A partnership with the Eagan Hockey Association allowed the City to install a refrigerated rink in the fall of 2022 to better support the community’s winter activities. To expand this amenity, a new shelter and pavilion will make the space even more of a winter destination and a year-round amenity.

When you live or do business in Eagan, you invest in our parks and recreation opportunities. It’s what has made Eagan such a successful city and strong community. As the above projects mature, we’ll share more information on funding in the coming months.

Eagan’s investment in our parks and recreation facilities benefit the entire community. New facilities will provide more space for people to play, create, and connect. New programs will provide more opportunities for people to be active and healthy. Eagan is already a wonderful place to live, work, and play, and these investments will support our future fun and connections so everyone can thrive. Learn more about the projects and watch how we are planning to transition these community amenities at cityofeagan.com/parkprojects.