When the season is especially wet, we have a friendly reminder from City staff.

A healthy lawn will be okay with one inch of water per week (via rain or irrigation). Measure rain with a simple gauge or your irrigation with a small container on the ground. It's important to avoid over-irrigating your lawn, as too much moisture can cause shallow roots, lawn disease, and stress. You can check soil moisture with a simple moisture meter (available at most lawn & garden stores).

Also, remember that if you have a lawn irrigation system on your property, Minnesota State Statute requires that all automatic irrigation systems must have a rain sensor that can shut down the system during periods of sufficient moisture. This will not only conserve water and protect your lawn, but it will save you money.

Contact Building Inspections at (651) 675-5675 for questions about irrigation systems or Water Resources at (651) 675-5300 for more WaterSmart information for homeowners.