Now You Can Find Property Information and Permits Online –

Permit and property information

Beginning a home improvement project this spring? The City of Eagan website gives you the tools you need both to manage your project and to learn more about your property.

Use ePermits, available at, to get a permit online, schedule an inspection, and view inspection results. Online scheduling, currently available on residential projects, lets you reserve inspection appointments outside of City Hall business hours. Inspection appointments are offered in 30-minute increments, Monday through Friday, 7:30...


Seniors, Get Affordable Household Repairs –

Seniors who need assistance with outdoor yard work or minor home repairs now have a place to turn for help. DARTS, a community-based nonprofit serving seniors (ages 55+) since 1974, has teamed up with the City of Eagan to offer affordable services for residents aged 62 and older. For more information, call DARTS at (651) 455-1560.


Help Keep Our Neighborhoods Strong and Safe –

The City of Eagan takes a lot of pride in being a great place to live, work, and play. One way we do that is by keeping our neighborhoods healthy. Doing so includes maintaining strong housing stock, creating diverse housing options, and ensuring safety in living spaces. City staff and council members continually evaluate, plan for, and create policies that reflect these values.

Eagan’s housing stock is mature, since much of our development occurred in the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s and is reaching the...




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