The Eagan Art House presents 

Mike Schatz: Complicated Universe 

On view at the storefront exhibition space at the Twin Cities Premium Outlets through September 15, 2022

Schatz is a Minnesota native who has lived in the Eagan community for twenty years. He is a musician, visual artist, parent, librarian, coder, unicyclist and existentialist who found art late in life. Schatz focused on music as an artistic outlet, then moved into woodworking and building furniture for about 30 years. After the good fortune of playing guitar in a band for several years waned, Schatz explored making art with wood and paint. One day, he “came upon a blank canvas in my house and felt the urge to try painting in the style of my wood art. Since then, I have focused on painting on canvas and wood.”  

How do you live creatively? 

“The shapes and colors in my art attempt to capture a moment and emotion in time, get a sense of it, and then allow me to move forward in time from that moment. I find that the universe is complicated and incomprehensible in any satisfying intellectual way, so I try to understand the universe through art. The mixture of the recognizable and the abstract shapes represent the complicated nature of reality. Ultimately, my art is a representation of my existentialism. I enjoy sharing my art and hearing how it makes people feel and what they see in it.”



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