A wide meadow overlooking a lake in Eagan

As Mayor Mike Maguire said in his State of the City address in March, there’s nothing more essential to our collective health than the air and water around us. Eagan’s sustainability initiative, launched in 2022, aims to help future generations enjoy the same high-quality natural environment we value today.

That’s why staff members in all departments, from public works to police to community development, have been working together to create Eagan’s vision for a sustainable future and to map out sustainable practices.

Residents Weigh In

 In a recent community survey, hundreds of residents ranked their sustainability priorities. Most respondents are concerned about the impacts of our changing climate, like drought, severe weather, and higher energy costs. They also ranked reduced energy consumption and waste as “very important.” 

We know from previous surveys that Eagan residents value our natural environment on par with public safety and the economy. The City of Eagan reflects these values by creating, investing in, and implementing programs, services, and policies that make Eagan the 
green community our residents desire.

Additionally, Eagan is hiring a sustainability coordinator to help align our efforts and move our vision forward for a more sustainable future. Keep up to date and watch a video about our work so far at cityofeagan.com/green.