Lake plant harvester

We’ve all noticed the lack of snow and record-setting warm temperatures over the past winter. The Minnesota DNR even dubbed it “The Lost Winter.” Along with warmer temps and scant snow came an unusually short season of ice cover on our lakes and very little snow.

As always, the City’s water resources team have kept a close eye on local lake conditions, and they fully expect fish populations to pull through safely into spring. However, less snow cover and warmer air temperatures allow more sunlight to reach deeper into lakes through the winter, leading to warmer water temperatures and less hibernation time for lake plants. Putting it plainly, there’s a good chance you’ll see more algae and aquatic plant growth than usual this spring and summer.

Despite all that, the water resources team members are engaged in long-term planning and management to preserve and protect Eagan’s water resources. They’re actively monitoring lake and wetland health year-round, and always working to identify and implement systems and practices to protect and improve water quality in Eagan. Stormwater treatment projects, lake water treatment, and aquatic plant harvesting for recreational access are just some of the tools they use to balance the ecological and recreational needs of our water bodies.

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