Lost & Found Pet Form

Lost Pets

What to do if you have lost your pet:

Eagan Animal Control will hold stray animals for five (5) days. The police department kennel is located at:

Companion Animal Hospital
1321 Duckwood Drive
Eagan, MN  55123
In the event that our primary kennel is full, American Boarding Kennels serves as our emergency kennel. If you do not locate your animal at Companion Animal Hospital, please contact Eagan Animal Control (651) 675-5700 to find out if any animals are at the emergency kennel:
1102 Highway 13 East
Burnsville, MN  55337
(952) 894-3647

Found Pets

Whether a pet has been lost for one day or three weeks makes no difference - you can't assume a stray animal is yours to keep!  If you have found an animal, please call (651) 675-5700 to fill out a found pet report.  

Do not take the animal directly to the City's animal shelters, as they are not authorized to accept stray animals from the public.

Always use caution when interacting with an unfamiliar animal.  If you are concerned that a stray animal is posing a safety risk, please call 911. 

{tab Tips for Finding Lost Pet}

1. Be a detective

  • Search your home and neighborhood immediately, especially at night and early in the morning. Knock on doors and talk to neighbors, delivery people and regular joggers.
  • If you recently moved, check out your former residence. Talk to the new tenants, old neighbors and former veterinarians.
  • Look for your pet in unusual places around your home, including outside storm drains, wood piles and ditches.
  • Check to see if your pet was locked in your neighbors' garages or sheds, especially if any neighbors left for vacation around the time your pet got lost.

2. Report your lost pet

  • File an on-line lost pet report.
  • Call the police department non-emergency number at (651) 675-5700.
  • Stay in contact with humane societies and animal shelters within a 25 mile radius because pets roam and can get picked up.
  • Call veterinary offices and groomers.

3. Create flyers

  • Ask to post them at veterinary offices, high traffic retail areas, mall bulletin boards, animal shelters, groomers and with obedience trainers. Include a written description of your pet, including gender, size, markings, weight and unusual features with a photo and your phone numbers.

4. Place ads

  • Put an ad in your city and local papers with a photo.
  • Watch the found ads.
  • There are several websites that accept lost pet reports, including Craigslist and animalhumanesociety.org.

Tips to Prevent Your Pet from Getting Lost

1. Microchip your pet

  • This involves your vet implanting a tiny electronic capsule under the skin that can later be scanned to match the ID number with you.
  • If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your registration information is current.

2. Put a collar with tag(s) on your pet

  • All dogs over four months of age and living in Eagan are required to have a current Dog License, and to wear the license on their collars – dog license application.
  • Write your phone number in permanent ink on the collar itself in case the tag(s) get lost.
  • Put personalized tag(s) with your contact information on your pet's collar. Considering adding an extra phone number for a family member, neighbor or your cabin. Keep the information current.
  • Tag indoor cats. Special "Breakaway" cat collars with elastic sewn into the band are available to protect cats from being caught in trees or on fences.

3. Spay/Neuter

  • Spay or neuter your pet to reduce roaming.

4. Fence your yard

  • Make sure gates are secured - padlock them, if necessary.
  • Never leave your pet unattended - even in a fenced yard.

5. More tips

  • Enroll in an Obedience Training Class.
  • Allow your dog to mark when you take it around the neighborhood for a walk.
  • Watch when company is arriving.
  • Thoroughly instruct pet sitters on all procedures.
  • Make sure doors, including storm/screen doors, have latches that catch securely.