Graphic of recycling icons in a cartoon tree

The New Year is a time for resolutions that help us bring about positive change. But really, green efforts can make a difference in your community all year long. Add some easy green resolutions to your list. Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Reduce your food waste. 40% of food is currently being wasted in the United States. That means wasted resources, time, energy, and money. In fact, an average family of four throws out approximately $1,500 every year in edible food. Reducing your food waste might be as easy as making smaller trips to the store with a clear list in mind, or just storing your food properly to make it last as long as possible. Visit for more tips and tricks.
  2. Reuse with ease. Why buy something new when you can fix something you have for free? This year, resolve to attend a Dakota County Fix-It Clinic when you have something in need of repair. Clinics are offered every month in cities around Dakota County and you can bring up to five small household items such as torn clothing, broken vacuum cleaners, and more, to be fixed for free.
  3. Recycle with certainty. This year, recycle everything you can by using the hauler specific guides found on While you’re at it, make sure to recycle the things that can’t go in your curbside bin such as electronics by taking them to the Recycling Zone!

For other green living ideas including how to make cleaners, tips for backyard composting, and winter energy saving tips, visit