The City of Eagan Forestry Division is dedicated to the comprehensive maintenance and continual improvement of our parks, with a strong emphasis on landscape maintenance and renovation projects. Our skilled team of professionals goes above and beyond to ensure that the natural landscapes within our parks are meticulously cared for, including routine park visits, plant health care monitoring and insect pest control, pruning, and noxious weed management. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of enhancing and revitalizing our park spaces, which is why we actively undertake landscape renovation projects to create captivating and sustainable environments. By combining our commitment to regular maintenance with ongoing landscape improvements, we strive to provide residents with picturesque park settings that inspire and uplift, fostering a deep connection to nature and a true sense of pride in our community.

Below are some recent examples of park improvements undertaken:  

Thomas Lake West and Rahn Reforestation Planting Project

Reforestation of Eagan's urban canopy, specifically in Thomas Lake and Rahn Parks, is crucial due to the decline and loss of red oak trees caused by oak wilt disease. To combat the spread of the disease, many dead and dying red oaks had to be removed, resulting in a reduction of diversity among the remaining low-value trees.  To revitalize the landscape, 250 saplings of White/Bur Oak, Hackberry, Sugar Maple, and White Pine were planted. This reforestation effort aims to restore diversity, improve ecosystem services, and provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to the community.

Top down view of planned updates to forest and landscape improvements

By planting a variety of tree species, including White/Bur Oak, Hackberry, Sugar Maple, and White Pine, the urban canopy in Eagan will regain its vitality. These species bring unique attributes to the area, such as longevity, resilience, vibrant foliage, and year-round greenery. The introduction of diverse tree species not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the landscape but also contributes to a healthier and more resilient ecosystem. It improves air quality, manages stormwater, sequesters carbon, and creates habitats for wildlife. Additionally, a thriving urban forest enhances the livability of neighborhoods, increases property values, and supports local businesses. The reforestation efforts in Eagan's urban canopy will ensure a sustainable and vibrant environment for both present and future generations.

Three City of Eagan employee pose for a picture while working on an improvement project


Annual Planting Display Installation at ECC

The Forestry Division takes great care in selecting and arranging the annual floral displays that grace the city each year. Their process begins with a thoughtful selection of a wide variety of flowers, considering factors such as color, size, bloom time, and compatibility with the local climate. They choose flowers that will thrive in Eagan's specific conditions, ensuring a vibrant and successful display.

Once the flowers are chosen, the Forestry Division employs its expertise to arrange them in the most aesthetically pleasing and impactful way. Strategically planting flowers in parks, gardens, and public spaces throughout the city, creating captivating patterns, color combinations, and focal points. Careful attention is given to the overall design, ensuring a harmonious blend of shapes, heights, and textures.

Annual flower planting at the Eagan Community Center

The result of meticulous planning and arrangement is a breathtaking showcase of nature's beauty. This year the Forestry crew will plant over 6000 annuals. The vibrant annual flowers create a visual spectacle that uplifts the spirits of residents and visitors alike. These displays not only bring joy but also foster a healthier and more diverse natural environment.