Eagan Fire Inspectors are responsible for inspections in new and existing commercial and multi-family buildings within the City. Inspections are completed to ensure that life safety issues and Fire and Building Codes are compliant. The Fire Marshal performs plan review of Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm installations. Fire Inspection staff also address complaints relating to MN State Fire Code issues and concerns. 

Please see our Public education materials provided below on our safety tips for topic specific information.

The City of Eagan has several Fire Ordinances in place to improve the safety of our residents. 

Fire Safety and Ordinance Information

The Eagan Fire Department hopes to provide the most up-to-date information to keep you safe:

If you have additional questions about Fire Ordinances, please visit the City Code site that contains the Eagan City Code or contact the Fire Department at (651) 675-5900 or complete a form in the Request Center..