The Eagan Art House connects artists from around the Twin Cities with the Eagan community through year-round exhibitions at locations throughout the area. Our year-round exhibitions can be viewed at the Eagan Community Center, Wescott Library and the Storefront Gallery at Twin Cities Premium Outlets.


A community exhibition featuring local artists.

Currently on view at the Eagan Community Center and Wescott library from January 11 – March 29, 2024. Admission to view is free and open to the public.

It is easy in today’s world to get swept away in the chaotic pacing. But if we slip below the surface tension, beneath the noise, what do we find?

Deep Listening invites us to journey into the stillness and find the voice of what calls you. What do you find there? What draws you forward, gives you solace, and connects us all?

This exhibit focuses on exploring the practice of Deep Listening- a state of being both receptive and present where we connect and learn from one another.

Featured Artists:

  • Benjamin, Carla
  • Carlson, Cyrus
  • Coleman, Kordula
  • Coyne, Rachel
  • Cyrus Carlson
  • Ferber, Linda
  • French, Serene
  • Grossman, Lisa
  • Holmgren, Gailyn
  • Klein, Linda
  • Kuhn, Bill
  • Lewis, Mary Lee
  • Mittelstadt, Richard
  • Piercey, Neps
  • Schatz, Michael
  • Seufer, Sydney
  • Steine, Samantha
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Men (and others) in Doorways - Havana, Cuba 2013 by Ann Berget.

A solo exhibition. Currently on view at the Storefront Gallery at the Twin Cities Premium Outlets.

Artist Bio:

As a self-taught hobbyist photographer with a strong - but not exclusive - focus on travel photography, Ann considers herself a hunter-gather photographer: "I can never tell what interesting things may appear in front of me so I try to be prepared. I don't philosophize about photography a lot - I just enjoy sharing images that are likely to connect with viewers and perhaps even prompt them to go see new things and places for themselves." 

Ann's photographers have been used in publications by Theodore Roosevelt Nation Park, recognized with ribbons by Minnesota State Fair and Tennessee State Parks, and once one of her photos, a portrait taken in a tunnel under Niagara Falls, was awarded Honorable Mention for outstanding use of color by Kodiak International. 


Generations by Michelle Novak & Tom Dickhudt

A duo exhibition. Currently on view at Bruegger’s Bagels on Pilot Knob now through April 16th.

Artist Bio: For this exhibition, daughter and father Michelle and Tom team up to show how traditional watercolor and digital art can exist side-by-side.

Tom has been capturing the scenes of nature in watercolor and photography since the 1980’s. He chooses subjects that have something to say: historic buildings, nature, expressive characters, any subject that asks to be heard. He passed his love of painting to Michelle who practiced with watercolor before discovering Adobe Photoshop over 30 years ago.

Michelle focuses on digital art using watercolor as a base. She builds her digital artwork from layers of found materials, fabrics, watercolor paintings, photography and anything else that adds texture and color. Her work is splashed with blues, yellows, pinks and every other color of the rainbow.

Both have been creating art for decades and have participated in many exhibits and events during that time.


Call For Art - Solo/Group exhibition opportunities are full for 2024. Please check back in March 2024 for more information.