Electric Services

The majority of Eagan homes receive electrical service from Dakota Electric, but a portion of northern Eagan is serviced by Xcel Energy. Click on the map below to view a large version of the service map.

To set up service

To report a power outage:

All emergency or hazardous situations involving power outages such as downed or sparking power lines should be reported immediately by calling 9-1-1.

All other reports of outage or questions regarding power service should be directed to the individual company.

Before you call:

  • Check to see if your neighbors or nearby streetlights are out of power.
  • If only you are without power, check your circuit breakers and fuse box to see if the problem is limited to your home's electric system.

Natural Gas Services

There are three companies that provide natural gas to Eagan based upon your address. Refer to the map below to help determine your provider. Click on the map for a larger PDF version.

Map showing Natural Gas Service Areas in the county

To set up service, call: