People walking on trail with "Award Winner Voice of the People" seal on bottom right

Thanks to your input, Eagan received a National Award in Mobility.

Each year, the City partners with Polco, an independent research firm, to conduct surveys. These gauge our community members’ or businesses’ perceptions of Eagan. We then use that information to gain insights into community priorities, to track our performance over time, and to make comparisons with peer cities — both local and national.

In addition, Polco uses resident and business responses, from the hundreds of communities that participate from around the country, to select their annual National Voice of the People Awards. What’s unique about these awards is that they’re based on how residents and businesses view and rate City efforts and performance based on facets of livability.

This year, our residents’ responses resulted in Eagan receiving the top national award in mobility.

Why is Eagan a Leader in Mobility?

Thanks to our public works team, strong local infrastructure for cars, bikes, and pedestrians connects our residents to retail, restaurants, recreation, and our community. While we appreciate the efficiency of travel in Eagan, our community gets its top marks for the many ways people can travel in our city and the safety of those options.

We plan and create connections that allow people to safely and efficiently get where they’re going, whether work or school, and to connect with multimodal transit options, or local, national, and international markets.

Each year it’s an honor when Eagan is not only nominated but becomes a finalist. And, thanks to your responses, it’s become routine for Eagan to win up to three categories, including when Eagan received the 2021 “Best of” win among all communities. This year Eagan was a finalist in three categories: mobility, economy, and parks and recreation. Past nominations and winning categories have included public safety, health and wellness, community design, utilities, built environment, natural environment, and more.

This Voice of the People Award shows that our community continually recognizes and values the City’s efforts. Our residents and businesses appreciate the diversity of city services, which help to create a community where everyone can thrive.