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Eagan community members treasure our natural environment. In fact, in nearly every community survey, the City’s overall natural environment receives positive ratings. Respondents place a high priority on sustainability, and, in the latest survey, 97% rate the quality of our natural environment positively.

In his 2022 State of the City address, Mayor Mike Maguire identified sustainability as one of Eagan’s most important issues. "There is nothing more essential to our collective health than the air and water around us," he said.

Eagan residents care about the community’s air, water, and land, and they’re working hard to protect them for the future. Almost all residents surveyed say they recycle at home, while 78% conserve water, and 72% make their homes more energy efficient.

Current and Future Efforts

To further the City’s goal of ensuring a sustainable future, a new sustainability initiative will include hiring a sustainability coordinator to help guide the process.

The City already works with residents and businesses to preserve Eagan’s natural environment in many ways, including:

  • The Water Resources team and our volunteer programs protect and preserve Eagan’s 1,200 lakes, streams, and ponds. 
  • Working with the Sustainable Eagan Advisory Commission (SEAC) which is made up of Eagan residents appointed by the City Council. The purpose of the Sustainable Eagan Advisory Commission is to respond to the City’s environmental goal by making recommendations to the City Council on local environmental sustainability and energy conservation strategies for the City’s residents, businesses, and municipal operations.
  • Eagan’s forestry team’s efforts along with the 12,000 trees residents planted on private property have increased keeping our air clean and healthy.
  • Later this year, a new local wind energy program will provide electricity for all City facilities.

The Time to Act is Now

Minnesota’s climate is changing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Temperatures are increasing — especially in winter — and larger, more frequent extreme weather events are occurring. We see it when ice skating season is shorter, when we prepare as much for ice as for snow, and when we need to design stormwater infrastructure to accommodate heavier rainfall.

"That’s why Eagan will work hard to help future generations enjoy the same high-quality, natural environment we value today," says Assistant City Administrator Sarah Alig. In the meantime, an energy franchise fee has been introduced to support the effort, allowing Eagan to consistently fund efforts toward a sustainable future.

As City leaders work toward greater sustainability, they want to understand residents’ experiences and how efforts can help ensure a sustainable future. Throughout the planning process, the City will consult residents and stakeholders for input about the plan. For more information, visit

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