The Eagan Fire Department is seeking your help in reducing fires caused by improperly discarded cigarettes. The leading cause of property damage due to fire in Eagan has been directly related to improperly discarded cigarettes. The common problem is smokers not extinguishing their cigarettes in a proper container and regularly maintaining these containers.

Butt Can.jpg

Most cigarette related fires could be prevented if smokers would use an approved device for discarded cigarettes. Most fires caused by cigarettes were because either there was no device at all, or a device was used  that was not designed fordisposal of cigarettes. The Eagan Fire Department strongly suggests that home owners and management of multi-family homes and businesses invest in containers that are designed for disposal of cigarettes such as the one pictured. The fire department recommends an all metal device with a long neck that reduces the chance of the wind igniting the discarded cigarette butts. It is also very important to maintain these devices once they are installed. The largest dollar loss for a structure fire in Eagan was at an apartment complex that had the correct containers at the complexes, but the containers were not routinely cleaned and maintained.   

Please contact the Eagan Fire Department if you have any questions on this or any other fire-related question at (651) 675-5900.