The City’s annual budget is designed and prepared to communicate the City’s financial objectives each year.  It outlines the City’s spending and revenue plan for City operations in the General, Special Revenue and Enterprise Funds. 

Eagan is committed to maintaining its award-winning service levels and the budget the City recently approved reflects that. In fact, residents and organizations continually rate Eagan as one of the best communities to live and do business in nationwide. Eagan’s strategy for success isn’t a secret: The City will continue to invest in community priorities, including public safety, the natural environment, the local economy, parks and recreation opportunities, and infrastructure.

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, the City Council approved the second year of the biennial budget that was first communicated in 2021. The Dec. 6 City Council meeting included a public hearing for the proposed 2023 budget and tax levy. You can watch the meeting online or view the budget on this page.

The budget reflects Eagan’s priorities and standards, and nearly 85% of the budget is dedicated to personnel, so the City can provide the top-notch services residents expect.

Eagan’s continual investment in maintaining and enhancing services will result in a 6% tax levy increase, which translates to a $7.50-per-month increase for the average valued home ($394,000).

“The City of Eagan continues to balance the needs of all who live, work, and play in Eagan,” Director of Finance Josh Feldman says. “Residents and businesses share that they value Eagan’s transparency, honesty, informing, and acting in the best interest of the community. Partnerships and balance among our residents, businesses, and nonprofits are what help Eagan thrive.”

Next summer the City will kick off its 2024–2025 biennial budgeting process, which will include community engagement to ensure residents’ voices are reflected in the budgeting process.

Budget Documents

August Workshop - August 10, 2021

2022 Preliminary Budget - September 7, 2021

Truth in Taxation (TNT) presentation - December 7, 2021  

2022-2023 Budget Summaries

August workshop - August 8, 2022

September – Preliminary Budget and Tax Levy - September 6, 2022

December – Final Budget and Tax Levy adoption - December 6, 2022

Eagan Budget 2020

Eagan is continually rated as one of the best communities to live in nationwide. The City invests in the community’s priorities such as public safety, the natural environment, and the local economy. The City is committed to maintaining award-winning service levels.  

On Tuesday, December 3 the City Council adopted the 2020 budget, and it will again reflect community priorities and standards. Specifically, efforts to not only maintain, but increase levels of service in public safety, invest in Eagan’s economy, through infrastructure and amenities, and ensure the City’s natural environment is sustained will result in a budget increase of $4,698,500 (12.3%) in 2020 and a 7.0 percent levy increase. The 2020 City budget will be $42,822,100. This results in a $5 a month property tax increase for the average value home ($314,000). 

2020 key staff additions include: 

  • 20 public safety officers (18 firefighters and 2 members of the police department) to provide better public safety across the community 
  • 1 forester to help fight Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) 
  • 1 street maintenance worker to pave, maintain and plow streets  

The investments in firefighters, our police department, local economy, and natural environment will result in a budget increase of $4,698,500 (12.3%) in 2020 and a 7.0 % levy increase. This is a $5 a month increase for the average home ($314,000).

The biennial budget created in 2020 allows us to continue to deliver quality service and ensure we have a #SuccessfulCityStrongCommunity.


As a community, Eagan rates public safety consistently as our number-one priority for the City. You also affirmed our police department with an 94% approval rating.

We are always working to improve our service levels to ensure safety in all corners of our City. Our community continues to grow, with residents, businesses and amenities. Our police department is working to keep pace technologically and with the growth of our city to ensure everyone feels safe and secure in all neighborhoods throughout the community.

In 2020, the Eagan Police Department will add two members to improve community response times and front-line service quality. The department will also continue to invest in tools that help us maintain the quality of service and build the 21st century police department you depend on.

The new members of our police department and investments in policing tools will result in an increase of less than $1 a month to the average homeowner.


Eagan residents’ rate public safety consistently as our number one priority for the City. You also gave our fire department a 97% approval rating.

We are always working to improve our service levels to ensure safety in all corners of our City. So, over the past few years, we’ve moved from one of the largest volunteer fire department in the state to a full-time fire department with three fire stations staffed around the clock with firefighters trained as EMTs.

The results are strong as response times have been cut in half – from 14 minutes to seven. Next year the transition will be complete when we hire an additional 18 firefighters so we can decrease response times to fires and medical calls to improve service and continue to meet national fire guidelines.

The improvements to equipment, facilities, and the transition to full-time fire service at three fire stations will result in an increase of $4 a month to the average homeowner.

Local Economy

Eagan has the strongest financial rating of any large city in Minnesota.

As a community, we know the importance of our local economy and consistently rate it as one of our top priorities for the City. Last year, over 9/10 Eagan residents rated our economy as strong. In 2020, the City of Eagan will continue to invest to make sure Eagan is a great place to live, play and work. Here’s how:

  • The City will continue to build on our healthy business climate to attract and retain businesses by building and maintaining infrastructure that enhances our residential and commercial areas, ensuring we have the amenities businesses and employees desire, being responsive and providing timely service, and having smart fiscal policies
  • We will continue to invest in street maintenance by adding a street maintenance worker to pave, maintain, and plow streets
  • We also continue to embrace business diversification including commercial, corporate, retail, small businesses, and new business developments.

Continued investment in infrastructure, amenities, services, and planning will result in an increase of less than $1 a month for the average homeowner.

Natural Environment

Eagan residents rate our natural environment consistently as one of our top priorities for the City. In 2020, the City of Eagan will continue to invest in our water quality, and the quality of our trees, parks, and trails. Here is how:

  • For 30 years, Eagan has been a leader in water quality for our lakes, ponds, and streams. We will continue to invest in reducing fertilizer, debris and runoff from entering our waterways to maintain and improve water quality
  • Our forestry team will add a member to help manage and regrow our urban canopy during and after our battle with Emerald Ash Borer, which will infect thousands of our trees
  • And our parks and recreation team will invest in new places and spaces for all of our community members to play, recreate and thrive in our community.

Continued investment in our natural environment and quality of life will result in an increase of less than $1 a month to the average homeowner.

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