Every year, awards are given to those recognized for exceptional service or saving a life.  This year, Detective Schroepfer and an 11 year-old boy receive Lifesaving awards for their heroic acts.  Here are their amazing stories.


Lifesaving Award – Desiree Schroepfer

On June 8, 2018, a female called 911 stating she was going to jump from a building.  Officers arrived and found a 15-year-old girl sitting on the edge of a 10-story building.  Detective Desiree Schroepfer, found the girl on the roof sitting on the ledge with her legs hanging over the side.  Detective Schroepfer began talking with the girl who stated she did not want to live any longer.  After 10 minutes of attempting to negotiate the girl off the ledge, Desiree asked if she could make a phone call on the girl’s behalf.  When the girl moved to hand over her phone, Desiree grabbed her wrist and pulled the girl off the ledge and to safety.  Detective Schroepfer then held the girl down, who was attempting to get back on the ledge, until officers could lend assistance in getting the girl secured.  Detective Schroepfer received the Lifesaving Award for saving this young lady’s life.


Citizen Lifesaving Award – Advaik Nandikotkur


On the evening of December 30th, 2018, Advaik Nandikotkur was having a relaxing evening with his family in the pool area of his apartment complex when he heard yells for help.  A 34-year old man, who had been swimming with friends, ventured into the deep end of the pool and slipped under the water without being noticed.  Advaik and others saw the man on the bottom of the pool.  No one in the pool area knew how to swim, except for Advaik, and without hesitation he jumped in and retrieved the man from the bottom of the pool.  Advaik, who weighed 70 pounds, was able to pull the 170 pound man to the surface and over to the edge of the pool, where bystanders helped pull him out and provided medical assistance.  The man who was unconscious and not breathing has made a full recovery, which was only possible because of Advaik’s heroic effort. Advaik was awarded the Eagan Police Department’s Citizen Lifesaving Award

These additional awards were given to Eagan officers who showed dedication and exceptional service to the community.

Award of Merit – William (Billy) Cytryszewski and Lisa Fancher

Zayden Lawson Photo.JPGOn June 7th, 2017, officers received a call of a child who was unconscious and not breathing.  When officers arrived, they found 3-year-old Zayden Lawson without a pulse and not breathing.  They attempted CPR, and Zayden was transported to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The injuries to Zayden were suspicious, but investigators had very little physical evidence to work with, which made this case very challenging.  However, Detectives Lisa Fancher and Billy Cytryszewski worked tirelessly to gather enough information to get three people charged with Zayden’s death. What makes this case even more heart wrenching is Zayden was a foster child who was relying on the people who were taking care him to keep him safe, but unfortunately they were the one’s who took his life.  Detective’s Lisa Fancher and Billy Cytryszewski were awarded the Award of Merit, for their outstanding work in Zayden’s case, which allows this young man not to be forgotten. 

Award of Merit – Curt Sticha

Officer Curt Sticha has shown exceptional performance and dedication to the Eagan SWAT Team for over 20 years.  Officer Sticha successfully served as an operator, sniper, and assistant team leader while on the team.  He mentored and developed new team members and future leaders on the team.  Officer Sticha was well respected on the team and was viewed as an informal leader, where he could be counted on to make good decisions and provide constructive feedback. Officer Sticha received the Award of Merit today for his years of service with the Eagan Police Department SWAT Team.

Certificate of Commendation – Brian Rezny

The Eagan Police Explorer Program offers young participants the ability to gain knowledge in law enforcement thru hands on classroom instruction.  Every year, the explorers and their advisors compete in an annual conference to display their knowledge and abilities. For 18 years, Officer Brian Rezny has been a caring and dedicated advisor for the Eagan Explorer Post, where he has donated his time and money for the success of the program.  He has also been a role model for the explorers, some of which have continued on in life to become police officers.   His dedication has been recognized by the State Law Enforcement Explorer Board. Officer Rezny was awarded the Certificate of Commendation for his years of service.