Eagan is planning our future fun, connections, and spaces, so we all can thrive. For more than 25 years, the Eagan Art House has been our community's place to create and connect. In fact, thousands of artists have visited the 1960s rambler-style building every year since 1997. It's no surprise to users or staff that we need a new art facility.

During Construction

The Eagan Art House will continue its operations throughout the construction phase. We’ll keep running our classes and events while the new building takes shape just to the west. New entrances will route students to the door facing Lexington Avenue starting in May. A new ADA walkway will be installed to make the space accessible for everyone throughout construction.

While construction unfolds, our classes will be held in different spaces like Sky Hill Park, Trapp Farm Park, and various neighborhood spaces.

What to Expect in the New Space

Get ready for a whole new world of creativity in our new 10,000 square foot home! We’ll have dedicated areas for pottery, glasswork, and more. Plus, a versatile classroom that’s ready for anything you can imagine. We’re even adding a kiln room and glazing studio.

You’ll also be able to enjoy our new gallery space and lobby.

Going Green

A commitment to sustainability will guide construction and maintenance. The Eagan Art House will be the first city-owned facility to ditch fossil fuels, paving the way for a cleaner future.

We’ll add solar panels to our roof and use natural energy to heat and cool the space Plus, we will let in plenty of natural light and restore the local prairie to keep things green.

Save the Date

We anticipate a celebration at a grand opening in the fall of 2025. We are excited to welcome you to the future of the Eagan Art House!