In March 2021, Eagan amended a rule that now requires dogs to be leashed when off their property. This change puts Eagan in line with neighboring communities’ rules for pets.Just like before, dogs are still required to be leashed in Eagan parks, except for in designated off-leash dog parks.Previously, Eagan allowed a dog off its owner’s property to be controlled by a leash or voice command.

Eagan will be focused on educating the public to make sure our paths, parks, and public places and spaces remain accessible and friendly to everyone. Find more information in Animals at Large, tab below.

The City of Eagan has created ordinances regarding animals and pets:

Barking & Nuisance Pet Noise

Public nuisance - Ordinance 10.11, Subd. 6.

A. Unlawful acts. It is unlawful for the owner of any dog or cat to:

1. Permit such animal to habitually bark, cry, whimper, howl, whine, or emit any other loud or unusual noises;

To report a dog that is currently barking, please contact the police department's non-emergency number at (651) 675-5700 and an officer will be dispatched to investigate.

Picking Up After Pets

Public nuisance - Ordinance 10.11, Subd. 6.

A. Unlawful acts. It is unlawful for the owner of any dog or cat to:

2. Permit such animal to damage or defecate in or upon public property or the property of another;

3. Permit dog or cat feces to accumulate on the owner's premises for more than 24 hours;

To report an issue with pet feces, please call Eagan Animal Control at (651) 675-5750.

Animals at Large

Public nuisance - Ordinance 10.11, Subd. 6

Sec. 10.11. - Dog, cat, ferret and horse regulation and dog licensing.

1. At large. With regard to dogs, cats and ferrets, at large means off the premises of the owner and is neither controlled by a leash or voice command of owner of suitable age nor confined in a vehicle or cage. With regard to horses, at large means not picketed, confined in a corral or otherwise restricted by a properly constructed and maintained fence.

Sec. 10.23. - Rules and regulations governing public parks and recreation areas.

Subd. 3. Unlawful acts (animals in the park). It is unlawful for any person, in any park or recreation area, to:

B. Bring any dog, cat or other creature unless caged or kept on a leash not more than six feet in length.

The City of Eagan does not require that dogs, cats and ferrets be confined by a leash or fence while on an owner's property. When off of an owner's property, pets must be on a leash. All pets must be leashed in park and recreation areas.

To report an animal at large, please contact the police department's non-emergency number at (651) 675-5700.

Prohibited Animals/Farm Animals

The City of Eagan allows dogs, cats, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and caged household birds to be kept as pets. All other reptiles and exotic pets are prohibited from being kept in residential areas.

Cattle, horses, mules, sheep, goats, swine, ponies, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, guinea hens and honey bees may be kept on properties in areas that are zoned agricultural, and have a minimum of 5 acres.

Permits are available for keeping chickens on certain residential properties. The city also issues permits for the keeping of carrier pigeons on properties that have a minimum of 1/2 acre. For further information, please contact the City Clerk's office at (651) 675-5000.

Number of Animals Permitted

City of Eagan ordinance allows up to three adult (over the age of 4 months) dogs, cats, ferrets or rabbits, or any combination thereof, per household. A kennel permit is required for any property with more than three of these animals. Kennel permits are only issued to properties in certain zoning areas, and are generally not issued to residential homes.


The City of Eagan prohibits the use of traps in most areas of the city. Trapping is only allowed on parcels of land with a minimum of 5 acres, and traps cannot be set within 100 feet of any city property or parkland. This includes any type of trap or snare, even live-traps. The ordinance applies to individuals, business owners, and private companies.

Quick-kill traps that are designed to kill only rats, mice, gophers or moles are permitted on private property.

Firearm hunting is prohibited by city ordinance. Bow-hunting of certain animals is allowed by special permit only. Please contact the police department at (651) 675-5700 for more information on hunting permits.

Burial of Pets/Disposal of Dead Animals

City ordinance prohibits burying pets within the city limits. Deceased pets should be taken to a licensed veterinary clinic for cremation or other means of disposal.

For assistance with deceased wildlife on streets or other city property, please contact the Eagan Streets Department at (651) 675-5300. For deceased wildlife on private property, disposal services can be found by performing an internet search using "dead animal removal services".