Honoring Those Who Make Eagan Shine: The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

On April 11, 2024, the City of Eagan hosted our annual volunteer appreciation dinner at the Eagan Community Center for our amazing volunteers. Mayor, Mike Maguire, and several city leaders showed up to give a round of applause to these folks who make Eagan better every day.

Maguire shared that in 2023, Eagan had over 550 people volunteer over 7,500 hours for an average of nearly 13 hours per volunteer. And an overall community benefit worth nearly $250,000.

Group of volunteers listening to Mayor Mike Maguire speaking from the podium.

Mayor Maguire also highlighted how community members have choices on where to invest their energy and where to make an impact. He highlighted how community members have chosen to give back in the following ways for the greater good of our community:

  • volunteering with the 50+ Senior Group, at the Eagan Art House, with Friends of the Farm, preschool programs, communitywide events, or other places in our community.
  • volunteering to preserve our water quality and green spaces, and helping keep Eagan clean.
  • helping with our free and fair elections as election judges
  • capturing moments as a community photographer, or helping preserve them in our historical society.
  • volunteering as a board member or commissioner or giving your time to make Eagan a great place to live, work, and play!

The Mayor also gave a shout-out to two volunteers: Peter Dugan and Jeff Spartz — both finished 10 consecutive years on their respective advisory commissions. That's a lot of dedication. And he praised volunteers with Access to Democracy (a local access show on ETV) — in 2023 this group collectively broke the 10,000-hour mark on volunteerism and in 2024 is celebrating their 25th year of service to the community. 

Mayor Maguire closed his remarks by sharing that a part of what makes Eagan such a strong community and successful city is because of the volunteers in our community.

Two volunteers posing together for a photo.

In Eagan, volunteering isn't just something people do now and then—it's a big part of who we are. It shows that when we come together and lend a hand, amazing things can happen. See all opportunities at cityofeagan.com/volunteer, and find the perfect way to get involved with or give back to our community.